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About John Laundry

John Laundry of John Laundry Heritage Masonry (Peterborough, Ontario) is a Banker Mason, educated in the City of Bath, England. Mr. Laundry holds National Vocational Qualification Level 2, City & Guilds (England). John's extensive experience includes Architectural stone carving and Restoration in both the U.K and Canada. He is currently Faculty Associate at Willowbank School of Restoration Arts (Queenston, Ontario) and Lead Banker Mason at the Biblioteque St. Sulpice Restoration (Montreal). The Bibliotque St. Sulpice is a beautiful Beaux-Arts stone structure that was constructed in 1914 and classified as a "monument historique" in 1988. John has worked extensively on some of Canada's greatest historical landmarks, including the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, the Governor General's Residence and the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa. 

While in Ottawa John also worked on some of our country's most beautiful churches, including, All Saints United and Saint Pat's Basilica. John's expertise is also in demand south of the border where he supervised the restoration of the Rochester City Hall. 

John moved to Peterborough with his young family two years ago in order to establish roots in a community that was centrally located for his work, which takes him throughout Ontario and Quebec. In addition to working on largescale public buildings, including the beautiful St. Paul's Presbyterian church in Peterborough, Ontario, John brings his craftsmanship to individual homes across the province. His works ranges from stone steps and pillars, to hand-carved cap stones, mantel pieces or any other stonework a client wishes to commission. 

John has used his skills to create floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces that are as beautiful as they are functional. John brings history to life by creating the feature pieces of a home, such as the grande stone entry or stone hearth that are often absent from modern builds, largely due to a lack of skilled masons.

John's services also include Heritage Consultant. John will oversee and direct the demolition and rebuilding of Heritage sites, working with existing contractors to ensure compliance. For example, John oversaw the demolition and rebuilding of the designated heritage site, The William Thomas Building, in Hamilton.

2007 – Bath College (Bath, England) 
    Completed the NVQ 2 Program
After developing his skills as a mason as much as was possible in Canada, in 2007, John and his young family moved to England for two years so that John could formally study and train to be a certified banker mason. Although buildings in Canada have begun to reach the age where they require the specific skills of a trained and certified banker mason, there is no program that teaches the specific skills needed to competently restore heritage stone buildings. England offers the most extensive, globally recognized certification in masonry. John's skill set is routinely required in both Canada in the United States—working on a number of significant heritage buildings, including our own parliament buildings.

In addition to commissioned projects, such as stone fireplaces, stone walls, stone steps, John has worked on the restoration of a number of heritage sites.

  • Victoria Museum (Ottawa ON)—Cut out the damaged area of the window sills, cut mouldings into the dutchman stone, pinned and installed dutchman stone to the window sill.
  • Royal Military College (Kingston ON)—Cut into the areas of damaged arch stones and repaired stones with dutchman technique.
  • St. Peter In Chains Cathedral (Peterborough, ON)—Repaired the north west buttress by pinning wall with wooden wedges  and re-pointing. re built sections of butress, worked and dressed a limestone coin using traditional tooling methods, set lime stone coin.
  • St. Sulpice Bibliotheque (Montreal, QC)—Consulted on setting out and catalogued stones on all elevations of building, template making and fabricating all replacement stones.
  • Mattress Factory (Peterborough, ON)—Rebuilt the east and west dormers, and south elevation with reclaimed brick, repaired the arches of the north elevation.


  • St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church (Peterborough, ON)—Repaired sections of Parapet Wall, removing spalled and damaged bricks ,rebuilding bottom section of Parapet Wall, adding flashing and re-pointing sections of entrance.
  • Governor General Residence (Ottawa, ON)—Template making, fabricating stones and stone setting.
  • West Block of Parliament Hill (Ottawa, ON)—Fabricated replacement stones and stone setting.

2010 – 2011

  • Willowbank Restoration on South Wall (Queenston, ON)—Chipped out and re-pointed portions of the foundation, used bracing and specialized techniques to dismantle sections of bulging wall and loose core as the wall had to be pushed back to be rebuilt, cut and set replacement arch, repaired window sills and string course using pinning, mortar patches, and dutchman techniques, cut and hand dressed tooling on replacement sill.
  • William Thomas Building (Hamilton, ON)—Guided demolition crew how to measure facade of the building to ensure dimensional correctness for when the facade will be rebuilt, gave the demolition contractor the best course of action to dismantle the facade and catalogue all stones, also listing materials and equipment required, gave direction for creating storage crates for materials.

2010 – 2013

  • Willowbank School of Restoration (Queenston, ON)—Taught Willowbank students how to square rubble stone, set out flat arch, fabricate and dressing stone with different traditional tooling of the limestone buildings of Ontario, dry fitting  voussiors stones to make up flat arch, explaining masonry tools and techniques.

2008 – 2010  MH Stoneworks (Ottawa, ON)

  • Rochester City Hall—Supervised crew, fabricated replacement stones, template making, used numbering system to catalogue stone, estimated labour hours, reviewed drawings, and delegated work to subordinates.
  • All Saints United Church (Ottawa, ON)—Dismantled and rebuilt sections of the north wall and buttress, removed the chimney and capped.
  • Parliament Hill—Removed coping stones and re set on the east property line wall.
  • U.S. Embassy (Ottawa, ON)—Demolished entrance booths, numbered and dismantled the stone columns, re built the stone entrance addition.
  • Saint Pats Basilica (Ottawa, ON)—Dismantle and rebuilt sections of north wall, chip out an re point north wall, fabricate moulded cornice stone for replacement.

2007 – 2008 RJW Stonemasons (Ottawa, ON) 

  • Almonte City Hall (Almonte)—Cut stone, removed stone and rebuilt sections of the north wall, dismantled the chimney and rebuilt.
  • Museum of Nature (Ottawa, ON)—Removed brick sections of interior wall, brick replace, and re built.
  • Brock Monument (Queenston, ON) – template making of stones, removal of stones, cut stones, and set replacement stones.
  • Ottawa Mill—Repointed the north wall.
  • Built Rumford stone and brick fireplace on addition of heritage home.

2007  Bruton Stonemasons (England)

  • Worked on a variety of English Heritage buildings using  restoration and conservation methods including Bruton Masonic Lodge(Bruton Somerset) the project included dismantling stones, repair and replacement of stones, using proper  mortar repair techniques . Cut and installed fireplaces throughout Bath and Somerset (England). 

2004 – 2007 John Laundry Stoneworks 

  • Watson House (St. Davids ON)—Built dry laid walls, restored exterior and interior of stone building. Built stone additions, smoke house, and pergola columns. Poured foundation and built columns across the frontage of the property. Cut, tooled, and installed stone stair cases.

2000 – 2003  David Mowbray  

  • Removed, rebuilt, and repointed chimneys on heritage homes across the Greater Toronto Area. Built dry laid retaining walls. Built stone and brick Rumford fireplace on building in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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