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Quality custom design and stonework
  • Stone walling
  • Random rubble and snek bond 
  • Coarsed and five point
  • Dry stone walling
  • Carved fireplace surrounds
  • New build and fireplace refacing (Rumford design)     
Heritage Restoration & Conservation

Expertly planned and executed restoration of heritage structures from one of the few trained and certified banker masons in Canada. Lead mason used on restoration projects by the Willowbank School of Restoration.
  • Mortar matching with a special focus on historic mortars
  • Chipping out and repointing
  • Use of traditional methods to produce raised bead
  • Raised ribbon or flush joints
  • Dutchman repairs
  • Pinning stones
  • Mortar repairs
  • Cut stone
  • Hand-worked moldings
  • Decorative stone carving  

Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds

Heritage Masonry assesses the damage and the best route to repair—from tearing down, to rebuilding or capping the chimney and repointing. We also do mortar analysis to ensure the best match.


Traditional bonding techniques; decorative Victorian brickwork; brick analysis is done to match replacements.

Heritage Consultant

Heritage Masonry assess the damaged areas and the cause of damage, we make recommendations for safe and proper removal from heritage buildings so that the stone does not get damaged.

  • Work alongside architects to ensure specific techniques are used for the longevity of the Dutchman
  • Maintain and respect the craftsmanship of the original stone
  • We help each client set out every piece of stone on the façade of the building at all elevations
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